Neo Biological Era, Biospherology, Biotic Cycles, Artificial Ecological Systems, Life Support, Nested Systems, Ecotechnics and Urban Farming.

Technological Advances One of the major ways to achieve the necessary scaling up is through considering how best to harness technological advances. There has been an exponential growth in technologies,

LIVERPOOL, Biological Infrastructure, Cities, Bees, Termites, Neo Cultures & Urban Futures.

    At the In the Know – Let’s get technical event on 29th June at The Studio, Liverpool Science Park at 08:00 in the morning, I was warmly welcomed

The Inevitable, Exponential, Neo Cultures and Liverpool’s New Frontiers.

The Inevitable & Exponential.  Give yourself the chance to sit down in a quiet place, relax in a comfortable position, breathe in deeply, hold, then release a very long out

Rethinking Urban Agriculture. Can Urban Agriculture Solve The Social Crisis?

Introduction  ‘When everything is connected to everything else, for better or for worse, everything matters.’ (Bruce Mau et al, 2004:129) There are multiple crises that are faced by humanity in

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